Let Go & GO!





No like really, HI!!!!


Isn’t if funny how we go through different stages of our business, relationships, working out, our work and really all areas of life.

We all have set points for our lives too. For example, you have a set point to how far you might let yourself get a little bit out of shape, but won’t go past a certain point. No way!!

I feel as though there has been a collective shedding happening for us all. I know so many people who have let go of ways of living to open up new possibilities. 

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5 Things I Learned From Driving Across The Country (with our baby).

The Atlantic Ocean is now our home. Specifically, York, Maine.

What our journey across the USA taught me.

I (we) love adventures and being outside in gorgeous landscapes. It fills our soul in a way nothing else can. Nature nurtures us EVERY TIME.

1. Traveling with a baby is a blend of so much fun and chaos! It took us a little while to get into the rhythm that worked for all of us. What did work is keeping him on his schedule no matter where we were. I think we all operate better with some from of consistency in our lives. Whether it be workouts, writing, date nights, what time you go to bed or wake up, doing the back end operations of running your business…where ever you stay consistent shows. 

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Baby Proof


So far I can only find the time (or desire) to write once a week. A lot happens in a week while living on the road!

We surprised Doug’s Dad for an early birthday gift in Couer d/Alene, ID with both of his brothers and their families. It was fun family time, boating and tubing, sharing meals, laughs and wine!

Next, our family took off for the Sawtooth Mountains. This was one of our times without any real destination (which we do a lot while camping- although I usually have an idea of some cool places we could camp or boondock). We have gotten good at finding fun stops to let Bodhi, and us, get our wiggles out. The town of Stanley, ID was one of them. We found the cutest and most delicious cafe, and ate our lunch at a park over looking the Sawtooth range while Bodhi ran all over. Win for the whole family! We kept cruising as all the campgrounds on the lakes in the area where full and we also have the “What’s around the corner” syndrome that keeps us searching for the perfect camping spot! We found the perfect spot to boondock along a creek. We have a new appreciation for how fun it is to throw rocks into the water :). 


Now we are enjoying staying at an airbnb in Sun Valley. I will say that it is CHALLENGING having a wild & curious toddler and staying at non baby-proofed house. We end up rearranging everyone’s homes, putting glass bowls in closets, trash cans on top of the fridge, blocking rooms with benches…basically anything we can to make sure he is safe and we can have 3 seconds to breathe. I would definitely pay an extra charge if it was an option to have a rental baby-proofed! Airbnb and VRBO can you create this please and thank you?

It is always nice to stay in one place for a few nights to just be. It is good for all of us as it re-centers us into being where our feet are. The 3 of us went for a morning hike today and Bodhi hiked up some of the steepest parts all by himself! He was so joyful and proud of himself. My mama heart was exploding watching him :). 

Be Where Your Feet Are

We are on the road in our Adventure Van, which is a 2016 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter van that we had outfitted a couple years ago. It is our home on wheels for the next few months.

I am writing this in Rossland, BC while I drink gluten free beer and sweating because it is hot.

I am filled with so much joy because for us we are living out our dream of traveling in our van as a family, exploring new (we like remote) places, playing in nature, strategically working from the road, slowing down and just being together. Sounds so simple and yet it has taken courage for us to build this life for our family. It works for us.

We just spent the past 5 days camping in a remote campground on the most gorgeous lake in British Columbia. We showed up early on a Friday morning with no reservations and as we drove by the MOST GORGEOUS lake front site, a couple was leaving a day early and asked us if we wanted their site. Hell yes!!! Just like that we scored one of the most coveted sites. I/we fully believe in intention setting and the energy and thoughts you put out is what you get back, so I was not the least bit surprised this happened for us. One of my intentions for our trip is that we always receive the most beautiful campsites with views and the best rentals that are clean and have strong wifi. Again, sounds simple and it works.

When we are playing nature with Bodhi and he is screaming with joy and smiling as he runs around my heart is so full. This is why we are doing this trip. I know he won’t remember this trip and I know his sub-conscious mind and heart will. His deep love for being outside is already a huge part of who he is and he craves it, more like needs it everyday (kind of like his mama, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree).

A few nights ago as we sat out overlooking the lake, mountains and stunning sky we decided we get to start really being where our feet are. I teach this to my clients who ask me how they can be more present in their lives and I have learned the more simple I make it the better. So, I say, “Just focus on being where your feet are.” Simple and yet we all make it so hard.

We will be practicing being where our feet are as we share this journey together. Join us!

Create The Maternity Leave You Want!


Maternity Leave…

I will be 100% on maternity leave starting today declared by…me!!!
I am filled with gratitude for having the freedom, flexibility and financial abundance I have in my life in general, and definitely with bringing our son into this dimension. I am my own boss and get to create how I want my maternity leave to go AND I have amazing clients who are in full support of me!

I also have a VERY supportive husband :).

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Eat Your Cupcakes!


Yes, eat your cupcakes. 
This is a conversation that has come up a few times with my clients this week… is enjoying activities that are generally labeled as “bad.”
Such as watching TV, taking a whole day to check out and be by yourself or eating a cupcake (which I thoroughly enjoyed today!!!)
I used to beat myself up when I would take an afternoon to watch movies and veg out. I would be judging myself while I was doing it, so I never fully enjoyed it and would actually stress myself out. I would tell myself this isn’t what conscious people do and then feel guilty. CRAZY!

I have found so much more pleasure and abundance in my life by allowing myself to choose to veg out, spend an afternoon getting a pedicure and watching a movie, or eating cupcakes because I am 38 weeks pregnant :).

I SAY ALLOW YOURSELF TO CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE TO HAVE DOWN TIME AND OWN IT. You will recharge more quickly and may find you actually need less of it because you are letting yourself enjoy it. Self-judgement is the worst, so drop it like a the bad habit it is and relax!!

***This is coming from a previous type A who couldn’t fully ever be “off” and wore a badge of honor for being busy.***

The Best Pregnancy Diet


This is a Friday personal share and what I am in the middle of creating for women…coming soon.

I 100% believe the BEST diet you can consume while pregnant is one full of self-love. I am worthy. I am enough. I am love & loved. 100%!!!!!

Yes- the food you eat matters too.
After years in the fitness industry and writing thousands of workout and meal plans, I know the people who actually follow through & show up for themselves. 

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Big News & How I Created What I Wanted (Even When I Had NO Idea How)


I want to let other women know that it is 100% possible to create your maternity leave to look and feel anyway you desire. Read that again.

Being pregnant my creativity has come from a deeper place. My ability to serve my clients has sky rocketed because I feel so much more connected as a whole.


Connected to Mother Earth, to the mothers who have walked before me, and am connected to human beings on a sweeter level and all the dimensions available. And of course, my baby boy growing inside of me. Life is so much richer.


My story to finding out we were pregnant:

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Do You Know What You Don’t Know?!


Do you know what you don’t know?


Are you aware that what you don’t know is actually keeping you stuck


Do you know what you don’t know?


The parts of yourself that are deeply engrained, and you are attached to, are usually the ones that are now creating the most havoc in your life…

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How Getting Sick Was The Best Thing That Happened To Me…

How getting sick (and having weird symptoms) was the BEST thing that happened to me.

Letting go of other people’s expectations…

I used to let this paralyze me, because I was the good girl who wanted to make everyone happy and make sure no one’s feelings were hurt. I valued what other people thought of me, and what I should be doing, more than mine own desires. In fact, I shut myself down for so long I lived on auto-pilot for years.

I was so disconnected from my true self.

I started getting what I thought were “random” symptoms in my 20’s. I now know that we store all our emotions in our bodies and that our bodies never lie. By the time they show up in our bodies as disease/pain it is to get our attention so we stop ignoring them!

Do you have weird or chronic symptoms that you have just been tolerating thinking this is how it is? What is your body really trying to communicate to you?

Here are some of the weird symptoms:

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