Be Where Your Feet Are

We are on the road in our Adventure Van, which is a 2016 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter van that we had outfitted a couple years ago. It is our home on wheels for the next few months.

I am writing this in Rossland, BC while I drink gluten free beer and sweating because it is hot.

I am filled with so much joy because for us we are living out our dream of traveling in our van as a family, exploring new (we like remote) places, playing in nature, strategically working from the road, slowing down and just being together. Sounds so simple and yet it has taken courage for us to build this life for our family. It works for us.

We just spent the past 5 days camping in a remote campground on the most gorgeous lake in British Columbia. We showed up early on a Friday morning with no reservations and as we drove by the MOST GORGEOUS lake front site, a couple was leaving a day early and asked us if we wanted their site. Hell yes!!! Just like that we scored one of the most coveted sites. I/we fully believe in intention setting and the energy and thoughts you put out is what you get back, so I was not the least bit surprised this happened for us. One of my intentions for our trip is that we always receive the most beautiful campsites with views and the best rentals that are clean and have strong wifi. Again, sounds simple and it works.

When we are playing nature with Bodhi and he is screaming with joy and smiling as he runs around my heart is so full. This is why we are doing this trip. I know he won’t remember this trip and I know his sub-conscious mind and heart will. His deep love for being outside is already a huge part of who he is and he craves it, more like needs it everyday (kind of like his mama, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree).

A few nights ago as we sat out overlooking the lake, mountains and stunning sky we decided we get to start really being where our feet are. I teach this to my clients who ask me how they can be more present in their lives and I have learned the more simple I make it the better. So, I say, “Just focus on being where your feet are.” Simple and yet we all make it so hard.

We will be practicing being where our feet are as we share this journey together. Join us!

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