The Best Pregnancy Diet


This is a Friday personal share and what I am in the middle of creating for women…coming soon.

I 100% believe the BEST diet you can consume while pregnant is one full of self-love. I am worthy. I am enough. I am love & loved. 100%!!!!!

Yes- the food you eat matters too.
After years in the fitness industry and writing thousands of workout and meal plans, I know the people who actually follow through & show up for themselves. 

Have you ever signed up for the next weight-loss program and told yourself, “This time I will do it. I will follow-through, do all the workouts, eat super clean and I will loose these damn 10lbs. (again) and look super hot!!”
Fast forward two weeks…your will-power is running on fumes, you think about food all of the freaking time, you feel guilty for having “cheated” by eating something not in your meal plan and for missing a couple workouts. Feeling like this SUCKS BIG TIME. I have been here more times than I can count!!

THE PEOPLE WHO BREAK FREE OF THIS DRAINING CYCLE (in any area of life) are the ones who get the POWER of mindset and DO THE WORK TO create the shifts they want. 

Okay…you may be thinking, “How does this tie into pregnancy?” I promise it does. 

Think about how much your own thoughts, feelings and language impact you. If you have an “off” day and are thinking about all the shit going wrong in your life…how do you feel?

  • Tired, stressed, angry, sad and unhappy?
  • Do you find comfort in a bag of chips or a bottle of wine?
  • Do you think crappy thoughts about yourself?
  • Do you complain to your friend about it and get sympathy, so you feel a little better about being in a crappy mood?
  • Do you take it out on your loved ones?

Your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and language create your reality. 


I feel and know my baby is full of self-love, self-worth, deep joy & happiness, playfulness, emotional intelligence, curiosity, deep wisdom (beyond the dimensions of this world), high level of consciousness, deep awareness and the spirit of FUN!

I know this instinctually. I feel his energy.
This is also the energy I have been feeding to him the past 9 months.
He has experienced me feeling stressed, tired, worried and angry as well, so he knows the contrast of these emotions. Fortunately, I have done an intense amount of personal development & growth, meaning he and I have experienced very little of these other emotions. They aren’t bad or wrong, I just spend very little time hanging out in these emotions or at that energetic level anymore (after years of having a house on the corner of stressed & lack of clarity…and self-sabotage!!)

I feel so honored to be partners in creation with him.

To have the power to have my thoughts, feelings, emotions, language and energy help shape him.

To have daily love-break connection time with him.

To play with him when he kicks back into my hand on my belly!

To have a strong relationship with his daddy full of love and laughter.

To be emotionally fit.

To be serving and living my purpose.

To be fit and healthy.

To be in tune with my intuition.

Most importantly, to be FULL of self-love & self-worth. He has been fed this and will carry this energy on into this dimension when he arrives.

My pregnancy has been better than I intended and I am honored to share how I created this with other women.

It starts BEFORE you physically conceive your little one.

As I said, your internal environment- emotionally, physically, spiritually- deeply matters and impacts you, your baby and your pregnancy. 

I feel deeply called to create a mentoring program to support women pre/during pregnancy, creating an incredible pregnancy and dream maternity leave!!!

I have done it and want to share all of this knowledge with the world so stay tuned.

Please share this blog with any woman or man you know is interested in this topic :). Also, reach out if you have any questions.

Thank you and Big Love,

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