Big News & How I Created What I Wanted (Even When I Had NO Idea How)


I want to let other women know that it is 100% possible to create your maternity leave to look and feel anyway you desire. Read that again.

Being pregnant my creativity has come from a deeper place. My ability to serve my clients has sky rocketed because I feel so much more connected as a whole.


Connected to Mother Earth, to the mothers who have walked before me, and am connected to human beings on a sweeter level and all the dimensions available. And of course, my baby boy growing inside of me. Life is so much richer.


My story to finding out we were pregnant:


We were traveling in our sprinter van around Alaska & Western Canada (soo gorgeous) and knew we were ready to have a baby.  Fortunately, once we opened ourselves to that possibility, getting pregnant happened very easily. In early August, we ended our 2 month road trip in Bend, Oregon as it has been a town we have been thinking about moving to for years after vacationing there a few times.


This time we were looking at Bend through the eyes of living here, and with in a week we found a gorgeous home right near the Deschutes river, downtown and the mill district, so we could walk every where!

We hustled back to Santa Barbara to get our ducks in a row (which we had been working on in the back ground for a couple years.) We told all our personal training clients (who were awesome) we were moving, closed our training business, packed/got rid of a lot of stuff, cleaned up loose ends….and I felt physically exhausted and awful. Turns out it was because I was pregnant!! On one level it felt like a lot of change at once and on another level everything just felt right.


By early October we were settled into our new home in Bend and I was focused on making sure I created having an extraordinary maternity leave. Which meant seriously growing my coaching business, Sweat Dirt and Soul. My inner knowing KNEW I was capable of this and there were some days I had no idea how I was going to do it. 


I took aligned action EVERYDAY and tried new offers, created a ton of free content, put myself out there even when I was scared, focused on raising my money consciousness and serving on a high level. I was (and still am) committed to guiding people to their greatness.


I have created having the BEST clients and our family having the financial ability for me to easily take maternity leave for as long/short as I want. It is true that WHEN YOU ARE IN ALIGNMENT business is easy. This is the first time I have experienced business and life being truly easy, and I will never go back to struggle and sacrifice.


I want to tell you my story to let you know that the big dream you have,  the one you have no idea how you are going to make it reality, is 100% possible. TAKE ONE ACTION STEP TOWARDS IT EVERYDAY, DEDICATE TIME TO IT EVERYDAY & KEEP YOUR HEART OPEN. 
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Big Love,
Erin Holt

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