Create The Maternity Leave You Want!


Maternity Leave…

I will be 100% on maternity leave starting today declared by…me!!!
I am filled with gratitude for having the freedom, flexibility and financial abundance I have in my life in general, and definitely with bringing our son into this dimension. I am my own boss and get to create how I want my maternity leave to go AND I have amazing clients who are in full support of me!

I also have a VERY supportive husband :).

I know a lot of women who do not have this experience with maternity leave and my heart goes out to them and their families. My own mother returned to work before she wanted to after having my brother and I. Women are torn between family and career in the US and I think this being the “normal” is BULLSHIT.


I am taking a stand for women creating a life of AND being the normal…


  • Creating life AND having a fulfilling passion/career

  • Becoming a mom AND having plenty of time with your baby on your terms

  • Having a family AND having financial abundance

  • Being a mom AND being hot & fit

  • Having kids AND having a connected marriage

  • Being a parent AND being an individual with quality alone time/activities that fill you up

  • Having a family AND having support (family, friends, employees, house cleaner, nanny etc.)

There was a time I didn’t think this was possible and was living on the “cog of status quo.” I just figured when it came time for me to have kids, I would get some unpaid time off with my newborn, and then have to some how figure out how to go back to work and have someone else take care of my baby. This is just how the system works in our country, right?


I am taking a stand for women creating a life of AND!!! I know it is possible as I have created it and know a lot of other women who are too :).

Thank you for being here and for letting me share my experiences with you, I am very thankful.
Please reach out and share your stories with me too.

I don’t have a definitive date of when I will return from maternity leave as I am allowing myself to feel into it AND that feels best for me. I will return to working with my 1:1 clients first and then I know I will be filled with a whole new level of creative energy to open back up to taking on new clients. 

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Big Love,

Erin Holt

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