Eat Your Cupcakes!


Yes, eat your cupcakes. 
This is a conversation that has come up a few times with my clients this week… is enjoying activities that are generally labeled as “bad.”
Such as watching TV, taking a whole day to check out and be by yourself or eating a cupcake (which I thoroughly enjoyed today!!!)
I used to beat myself up when I would take an afternoon to watch movies and veg out. I would be judging myself while I was doing it, so I never fully enjoyed it and would actually stress myself out. I would tell myself this isn’t what conscious people do and then feel guilty. CRAZY!

I have found so much more pleasure and abundance in my life by allowing myself to choose to veg out, spend an afternoon getting a pedicure and watching a movie, or eating cupcakes because I am 38 weeks pregnant :).

I SAY ALLOW YOURSELF TO CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE TO HAVE DOWN TIME AND OWN IT. You will recharge more quickly and may find you actually need less of it because you are letting yourself enjoy it. Self-judgement is the worst, so drop it like a the bad habit it is and relax!!

***This is coming from a previous type A who couldn’t fully ever be “off” and wore a badge of honor for being busy.***

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