Fat Loss & The Mirror

I want you to feel an aliveness inside of you and feel deep self love for yourself when you catch a glimpse of yourself walking by a mirror!! I want your new normal to be experiencing feeling healthy, having energy, and to be proud of yourself and your body. Fat loss is about mastering your mindset, your hormones, exercising regularly, and making lifestyle choices for permanent internal and external transformation.

Here is a three step program to heal your hormones, improve your life, and loose fat.

Mindset: When you love yourself and have high levels of self-worth you treat yourself  like the queen/king you truly are.

  1. Stabilize your blood sugar: unstable blood sugar is one of the most important underlying causes behind hormonal problems and cause irritability, headaches, and fatigue to name a few.
  2. Nurture your adrenal glands: perpetual stress wrecks havoc on your endocrine system and lead to deadly conditions as well as insomnia, weight gain, fatigue, decreased sex drive, depression and more.
  3. Support your organs of elimination: The liver, large & small intestine, lymphatic system, and skin are your natural detoxifiers.

Mirror work is very powerful. Start with once a day and look into your eyes and tell yourself I love you and list three things you love about yourself.

Managing stable blood sugar levels all day long is an ongoing process throughout your day, and with these strategies you will feel great from morning to night. Our bodies all operate similarly, but how efficiently we process glucose varies. Fast burners tend to loose weight easily, feel anxious, dizzy & headachy when hungry, and overeat with little exertion. Slow burners tend to gain weight easily & can have a hard time loosing weight, feel irritable or foggy-headed when hungry, almost always feel cold-especially in their fingers and toes.


  • Drink at least 8 ounces of water, ideally with lemon, immediately after waking up.
  • Eat breakfast with in at least 90 minutes of waking up
  • Do not consume caffeine before eating
  • Eat protein- rich foods for breakfast, such as eggs or smoked salmon.
  • Minimize carbohydrates to 30g if your a slow burner and 50g if your a fast burner.


  • Consume the majority of your calories at lunch
  • Eat within 3-3.5 hours of breakfast
  • Try to consume only one complex carbohydrate. For example, have some brown rice or black beans, but not both.
  • Have at least one good-fat such as avocado, olive oil, sunflower seeds. They keep your blood sugar more stable and prevent you from craving simple carbs (sugar) later in the day.
  • Take a high quality digestive enzyme.

Mid-afternoon Snack

  • Eat a nutrient rich snack that will keep you satisfied until dinner. Examples, apple with natural nut butter, goji berries and almonds, a few rice crackers or carrot sticks with avocado or hummus.


  • Create a meal that consists of high quality vegetable or vegetarian protein and raw or cooked veggies.

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