Do You Know What You Don’t Know?!


Do you know what you don’t know?


Are you aware that what you don’t know is actually keeping you stuck


Do you know what you don’t know?


The parts of yourself that are deeply engrained, and you are attached to, are usually the ones that are now creating the most havoc in your life…

As a child were you told you were:


-Too loud



-Just an average student

-Different then everybody else

-A genius



-Too this, not enough of that, be this, don’t be this…


We all have a choice to stay on auto-pilot or to grow further into unconditional love. 


I have always been into growth and the past few years I have had my MIND BLOWN by 

becoming aware of what I didn’t know and the FREEDOM in the awareness. 
If you want to liberate yourself the fastest path is to upgrade your mindset. Most of us walk around with a 3,000 bag of our baggage and wonder why we feel so heavy, blah and unhappy…

Let that shit go!!

You are not your past. You are not your mother. You are not your father. You are not what happened to you. You are not your past.


YOU ARE A DIVINE BEING who is meant to shine. 


  • Your energy/vibration attracts the people and situations into your life, so make it as HIGH & AS CONGRUENT as possible.
  • Your thoughts, focus and language create your behavior, so make them as HIGH & AS CONGRUENT as possible.
  • Your daily habits & rituals create your results, so make them as HIGH & AS CONGRUENT as possible.

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