Let Go & GO!





No like really, HI!!!!


Isn’t if funny how we go through different stages of our business, relationships, working out, our work and really all areas of life.

We all have set points for our lives too. For example, you have a set point to how far you might let yourself get a little bit out of shape, but won’t go past a certain point. No way!!

I feel as though there has been a collective shedding happening for us all. I know so many people who have let go of ways of living to open up new possibilities. 

For example, I have a friend who moved her family (her husband and 2 young children) to Costa Rica for a year to try something new. They got rid/sold a bunch of things to both physically and energetically make room for their adventure, rented their house for a year, she went from having in-person clients to serving them online and did hundreds of other actions to make this a reality for them.


Was it easy? NO.

Did it make logical sense? NO


Has it been an awesome adventure they will always remember?



My family also made a big change last year (unexpected). We were living in Bend, OR and in July (2018) we put our stuff in storage and hit the road in our sprinter van with our then 15 month old son.


Our original plan was to take about 5-6 weeks to drive across the country to NH (where I am from and my parents still live) and stay on the east coast for about a month. Well, a month turned into us wanting to stay on the east coast to be near my family and signing a seasonal lease until May 2019.


Was it easy? NO.

Did it make logical sense? NO


Has it been an awesome adventure we will always remember?



What in your life have you had the urge to shed?


Clothes (Jump on Marie Kondo’s bandwagon), actual physical pounds, a job, a location, a relationship.


As we are starting to come into the end of winter (in the northern hemisphere), this is the perfect time of year to SHED.




Here is a loving reminder to keep your eyes open for the blessings and new possibilities that will open up for you!!

Big Hugs,

Erin Holt 🙂

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