Do You Have One Foot In and One Foot Out?

Me. On the fence literally and figuratively.


Are you straddling the fence?

Do you have one foot in and one foot out?

There was a time in my life I was pointing a lot of fingers and finding excuses or someone to blame. I was stuck. It was like I had one foot in one world and the other foot in another world.
Two different worlds with me stuck in the middle. How far can you go if you are standing in two different worlds? Maybe you can do a split (only if your flexible!)

If you feel like you are straddling two different worlds right now, I get it.

You get to give yourself permission to pick up the leg that is holding you back and own your impact.

Making the choice to change is a transformational process.

Choosing to own your impact is life-changing. 

A few years ago my marriage was in a tough place. We were so disconnected and both of us were hurting. I felt unseen and unheard. He felt unappreciated and misunderstood.

I used my struggling marriage as an excuse to as why I hadn’t built my business to the level I wanted. I hid behind our struggles. I was exhausted from blaming him for everything and using our marriage as an excuse for not fully standing in my power.
It wasn’t until we hit rock bottom (blessing in disguise) that I got I was 100% responsible for the state of our relationship. I finally saw I wasn’t owning my part.
My nervous system actually relaxed and I began to soften. I no longer played the to victim to life. I also knew my business wasn’t where I wanted it to be because I was scared.

This is just a moment that has had a lasting impact on me and from that day forward I chose to own my impact.

**The truth was, me not owning my impact was showing up all over my life. How you do one thing is how you do everything.**

Here is where YOU come in…

If you are feeling stuck right now and you are pointing a finger at someone or using “that” as an excuse for why you don’t have what you want, it is time to lovingly take a look at yourself.

Give yourself permission to take a stand for yourself and own your impact. What ever happens in  your life is truly yours to own.

Are you ready to take a powerful step and bring both feet into the same world?

I will be running the perfect program for you starting in mid January if you are. I am looking for the perfect 10-16 women who are:

  • Ready to do something different to create the life the truly want
  • Ready to release the body battle and create peace and ease
  • Ready to break self- sabotage cycles and become a powerful creator
  • Ready to shed the emotional and physical weight
  • Ready to create deep joy and happiness (not circumstantial)
  • Ready to create deeper connections an harmony in their relationships
  • Ready to learn the art of receiving and allowing
  • Ready to create more abundance
  • And soooo much more!

If you are interested click the link below for a free 30 minute Strategy Session On Creating A Hell Yes Life! 
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Much Love,
Erin Holt

P.S. And if you want more proof that I’m the Real Deal, here are a few words of praise….

“For the past seven years Erin has facilitated my ability to be more aware, in tune, and in a place of power with myself both physically and emotionally. She has an insanely powerful way of listening to you without judgement and guiding you on a path of self discovery. With her help I have created and improved my love life, ability to start my own business, and mend ties with loved ones. I recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their ability to live life on purpose and create exactly what they want. I am forever thankful to her for the gifts she has shared with me.” -Mara, B.

“Before working with Erin, I felt that life was a little off, as if it needed to be shifted. Through Erin’s incredible coaching, I was able to identify what was holding me back from growing and upgrading my life. Now, I feel more in tune with my life’s vision, and I am armed with tools that will help me as I continue my journey. Erin’s compassion, patience and commitment enabled me to grow, be happier and more fit. I am very grateful!” Beth, P

“I originally came to see Erin for physical training and while she kicked my ass weekly and my muscles were growing I wasn’t feeling the happiness I had hoped to. I then started working on mindset training with Erin and in a month I felt lighter, more energetic, and happier and all forms of exercise became more enjoyable, more frequent and I felt like I had finally found a way to get back to feeling great about myself!” Claire O.

“I have known Erin professionally for about 10 years Erin is an incredibly positive, inspiring and motivating mentor. She is hardworking, passionate about what she does, and truly has an interest in the progress of her clients. Erin worked closely with one of my collegiate athletes who had nothing but the best things to say about Erin and I saw the results first hand as this player dominated her competition on the volleyball court. I was most impressed with Erin’s interest in WHO my player was and how she worked on her mindset. Erin’s coaching had a massive impact on the life of my athlete. Her investment is second to none and I would not hesitate to highly recommend her.”  Cora


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