If I am fully transparent will I loose friends or people’s respect? What will people think of me?

This is a fear I, and a lot of my clients, have had. Growing up we were taught to be honest, and at the same time a lot of our parents/guardians did not know how to be with our honesty, so we got mixed messages and most of us shut down. We learned to live in fear of people “really” knowing what is going on with us, because if they knew we might loose their love and respect.

What has this cost us? What results has it created?

By not being fully transparent we have to shut part of ourselves down, so we loose connection with ourselves and others. We isolate ourselves because we don’t feel understood (even though we are the ones not sharing, so how could anyone understand?) We store negative emotions in our bodies that create pains and diseases. We create a lot of unnecessary stress and drama. We create resentment towards others that eventually comes out in shitty ways. We self sabotage and exhaust ourselves…the list of costs goes on.

What are the benefits of being fully transparent?

By being fully transparent it frees up so much energy we were wasting hiding/pretending. We get to be fully seen and supported by others and give them the opportunity to be vulnerable (HUMAN) with us. We are much more connected to ourselves and others. We are sexier because people feel like they really know us and can trust us. We are happier, more at peace, and free to be ourselves. There are an infinite number of benefits to being fully transparent.

What is one action you can do today to be more transparent? This may be new for you, so it is normal to feel scared, and I encourage you to be wildly courageous and do it anyway!

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