Women’s Council

The health and well-being of women & mothers is essential to the thriving of us all.

Erin helps liberate modern day women (and mothers) who are fed up with the status quo and are ready to live more empowered, happy and pleasure-filled lives.

I help women revive themselves.

This is a place for you to become the most WHOLE and HAPPY version of yourself, which leads to a more happy & harmonious marriage and home. This is how we change the world, it starts with YOU and inside the 4 walls of your home. 

Live in complete congruence with your heart and your mind.

Be in utter harmony with your own power and prowess, accepting who you are and where you’re going. Adore your own body again, the way you did before the world said it wasn’t what it should be.

Because when you live your absoluteness, ease becomes natural and everything you desire flows in.

What happens when you adore yourself and LIVE that way

  • Say goodbye to patterns of over-giving & over-doing for everyone else and put yourself FIRST. Learn how to organize your life around your worthiness and WHOLEbeing. (This is the best gift you can give to your children & marriage).
  • Break the “rules” and set up systems that support your thriving (not surviving). Getting your needs met is VITAL to you, your family and the world.
  • Strengthen self-trust, self-authority and your intuition, your superpower as a woman.  What is best for YOU is best for everyone in your life.
  • Stand in your complete sovereignty
  • Get out of the shadows and out on to the dance floor
  • To be deeply connected to your husband/partner emotionally, physically, sexually and spiritually.
  • Love, light, happiness, serenity, and freaking vibrance are at the core of every. Single. Thing. You. Do. Because you are fully in love with you.

This is not magic. Not by any stretch of your gorgeous imagination. This is a re-wiring. A re-working of your operating system (you know, those old beliefs you have) and upgrading it to a new and more powerful one that doesn’t get defeated, that doesn’t allow you to sabotage all over yourself, that doesn’t create barriers, but that opens doors.

How does this mastermind (upgrade) work

For three months, we meet on a group call, once a week. You’ll get audios and assignments in between. You’ll get workouts you’ll WANT to do. Recipes that will make your eating shift easy and orgasmic. And you’ll get access to our private Facebook group so you can get support from me and other women on the same journey, climbing the same mountains as you.

During the course of this three months, we’ll

  • Break down why you sabotage your success to identify why getting what you want scares you, so we can kick those fears to the curb.
  • Open your mind and your soul for love and abundance, so the things you want are literally yours.
  • Create new patterns that set the stage for self-love & self-acceptance.
  • Step into your new body, your fired up mojo, and into an energy that is nothing short of infectious.
  • Welcome you home to the UNLEASHED you

When we meet, you’ll be able to ask questions and get guidance on breaking those old ways of thinking and throwing them to the wolves. You’ll open up your life to living the most wild and free life your heart can imagine.

Break free from

  • Self-loathing that keeps you stuck in the “I’m not worthy” rut that keeps you hidden and playing small
  • Old ways of living that send you to the junk food cabinet every time someone yells your name
  • Lethargy that holds you down, while the rest of the world runs, plays, and experiences the life you’ve been too tired to care about anymore
  • Thinking that says, “why bother” and keeps you behind the scenes of everyone else’s limelight
  • A life that isn’t filling your soul the way it craves

You are complete and whole, but this mastermind is going to help you accept it and live it

What happens when you say yes to living as a Woman, Absolute? You

  • Know in your bones the powerful creator you are, understanding your own capacity for greatness
  • See the ultimate good in everything, which means you get WAAAAY more of the money you want, the booty you long to create, and the partnerships that make life fun.
  • Own your divine responsibility to move and give your body a reason to shine again, so sexy? Becomes the feeling you create in yourself. Daily.
  • Unshackle your adventuress so you find pleasure in every. Fucking. Thing.

Every. Thing. Without exception.

You are Woman, Absolute. You’re already complete and whole. But now, this shift in your thinking allows you to actually LIVE that way. Unapologetic. Unabashed. And unfuckingashamed of who you are at your core and what you long for.

You owe no apologies to anyone. You can be you and STILL take care of everyone. Still love the fam that you serve. You can be you and they will love you even more when you FEEL good, loved, appreciated, and not to mention, successful in everything you do.

Because when you experience the serenity that comes with owning your absolution? Nothing will ever stop you from having the body you want, the income you want, or the partnerships you crave.

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Make the shift into your Woman, Absolute so you can live wild and free.

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About Me

My degree in exercise science led me to a life of physical fitness for myself and my clients. I am a certified strength and conditioning coach, as well as a certified strategic intervention coach, so I speak people. With my huge heart laced with my straight-shooter, tell-it-like-it-is approach, my clients walk away poked and prodded (with love) to success.

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