6 Week Intensive: Melt Off The BS- Drop The Weight.


You are….

Smart, successful, checked off a lot of the “should” boxes in your life and in your heart and soul you are still freaking HUNGRY for more.

Deep down you know you are meant to experience more joy, fulfillment, abundance and you may have lost yourself along your journey. I get it.

You know it is time for you to wake up and step up in your life. You know you are powerful.

You know you full of greatness you get to UNLEASH.

You know you are meant for more!!

I have created this 6 week intensive for highly driven women who want more…to create 360 degrees of abundance!

Meaning ALL areas of your life are thriving (not just one or two, while others parts are drowning.)

I am so freaking excited about this because I know the GOLD of knowing how to take OWNERSHIP of your life and doing it. To know your freaking worth, to walk into any room and own it, to follow your heart, to follow through on your desires, to create a body and life you love.



  • Learn Why You Sabotage Yourself & HOW to Overcome It

  • Learn How To Free Yourself From The “Should’s” & Take Ownership Of Your Life

  • Learn Why You Have Dimmed Your Light & How To Be Fully Aligned With Who You Are

  • Learn How To Stay In High Alignment To Get The Results You Want

  • Learn Where You Are Leaking Your Power & How To Not to…Use It For Your Desires

  • Learn How To Get Out Of Confusion/Overwhelm & Create Clarity

  • How to get the fuck out of your own way & LIVE the life you are meant for!!


Think of this as a spring cleaning of your emotional and physical clutter.

You know in your heart you are built for more…more happiness, more connection, more joy, more purpose, more sexiness, more abundance.

This is for…

Driven and passionate women who are hungry for more.

  • You want to deepen and enrich your life. You desire more connection and love in your partnership/marriage. 

  • You know you have so much to offer and yet you are out of alignment with yourself.

  • You know how to make shit happen and dream about so much more depth.

  • You are done trying to figure out how to do life (everything) by yourself (so exhausting)

  • You may have been “keeping it all together from the outside” and are ready to ACTUALLY create a life you are genuinely happy in and with.

  • You have dimmed your light and are ready to SHINE!

Why Do You Have To Join:

You need this!

You seriously know you are meant for more and are sick and tired of sitting on the sidelines of your own life.

You are a rockstar and are craving more depth in life.

You are the common denominator and know that you are a freaking powerful woman (who may have just gotten a little lost along your journey) and you are ready to reclaim and reset your life, your body, your world. You are ready to freaking choose you!

Early Bird: Reward for choosing you and being in action for the first 6 people.

Believe in yourself.

-2 x Bonus 30 Minute Personal Calls for first 6 people who sign up

-$200 off

-21 Full Body Fat Blasting Workouts: For at the gym  & at home

-My Delicious & Nutritious Cookbook

-I am sure I will create more bonuses because I love to!


This is what I went through and I know what it is like…

  • I struggled with the reality of the life and body I had created for YEARS (secretly of course) and spent a lot of energy making sure everything looked good from the outside. I struggled in unhealthy relationships (hello co-dependency), not knowing my worth, staying in dead end jobs and selling myself short (I built up other people’s businesses/success- was the shy chick in the background not taking credit for her awesomeness), body weight and image struggles, feeling down a lot and forcing myself to try and feel happier.


  • I would have glimpses of my true genius I was not allowing myself to truly tap into, going through the motions of life & feeling empty on the inside, yearning for soooo much more depth from life, feeling like I was “different” and worried tremendously what other people thought of me.


  • I  was squelching my dreams out of fear and was broke, scared, alone, near divorce, nothing really working in my life, feeling like a ghost of the women I wanted to be. EXHAUSTED.


  • I finally WOKE UP and knew I had to trust myself that I was built for more and took ACTION. I hired my first high-level mindset mentor and I have never looked back!


Can you relate to my story? Do you feel like a zombie of a woman, who has done all the things you thought you were supposed to do and are know picking your head up looking at your life thinking I am meant for so much more!

Life isn’t meant to be so freaking complicated and hard. 


Take action now, this is your life so take ownership.

This is going to massively impact you and upgrade you (your life).

CREATE a life you love so that you are thriving in your relationships, body, business and  genuinely feel happy, sexy, and free.

Live life for who you really are (a badass)

Join the 6 Week Intensive Melt Off The BS & GET READY TO SOAR!

**Doors close February 15th, get in NOW.

Set Yourself Up For Success!

Big Love,

Erin Holt

Ready to Shift into Big Change?

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