Desire is a lunatic of an aphrodisiac.
Bring it back.

Bring back the fuel that once fed your wildfire.

You’ve worked hard to create lives that matter, to do the work everyone else needed you to do. To be the someone else everyone wanted you to be and at some point, you thought you SHOULD be. You gave and gave because it was the right thing to do.

Now, it’s time to acknowledge that YOU matter.

Tap into the embers that still smolder within your chest.

Let’s get you out of your head and back into your body and intuition.

Live in complete congruence with your heart and your mind.

I’m here to help you experience it, plus so much more.

I’m Erin Holt. And I create emotion and physical fitness in women who are ready to live their most complete lives.

My degree in exercise science led me to a life of physical fitness for myself and my clients. I am a certified strength and conditioning coach, as well as a certified strategic intervention coach, so I speak people. With my huge heart laced with my straight-shooter, tell-it-like-it-is approach, my clients walk away poked and prodded (with love) to success.

Any one of my thousands of pro athlete and lifestyle badass clients will tell you: Outward fitness comes from inward fitness, so I work with my clients to get them to build powerful emotional muscles. Some train their bodies. I train your mind AND your body with a BE DO Have approach that positions you from complete transformation and shift that lasts.

Mindset is 100% of your results.

I work with women to erase that longing. To bring them the MORE they are looking for. It’s not about what size you wear. It’s not about the car you drive or the success of your business. It’s about knowing you, adoring every part of you, and being able to completely and fully show up in this life as your best YOU.

My Backstory

I went from growing up as a tom-boy and an athlete, to graduating college, to being professional strength coach and an feminine adventurous goddess, to becoming a trained strategic intervention coach, to coaching women on emotional & physical fitness, to creating a movement for women to create a Life And Body they love.

The out is a direct result of the in. Not the other way around.

I operate on the belief (and the proof) that you can and DO create your reality from your dreams.

I’ve had people come to me who’ve had massive success, only to have it crumble down on them because the change didn’t come from the inside, from the heart and the mind, first.

You won’t be happy when you get a better body. You develop the internal happy, that empire, untouchable by outside sources, then you get the rockin’ body. I also know that if you believe you’ll never have it, you won’t.

You let denial and distractions stop you from having that body/business/life you want because deep down, you do want it, but you don’t believe you should have it because you’ve lost touch with that badass that longs to be let out of you.

I know because I lived it.

My life looked really good from the outside and in reality my life wasn’t working. I was unhappy, stressed, emotionally exhausted. I was on a roller-coaster with my weight and was getting sick a lot, my marriage was failing.

I was sabotaging all over myself and tried to keep it all together.

I knew deep down I was meant for WAY more.

Being an athlete is in my blood. No pain, no gain was my creed. I eat that for shit for breakfast! I know how to push my body to the edge and then some. I loved training my clients and I knew there was a much deeper level I was meant to serve.

Life was knocking so loudly that I finally listened, the strategy of “pushing through” was killing me. I had gotten to the point that I didn’t even recognize the shadow of my old self staring back at me in the mirror.

When I took full responsibility for my life and all my results is when EVERYTHING CHANGED.  Going internal and massively strengthening my emotional fitness has been the best gift I have given to myself.

I shed the shackles of my old beliefs that were running my life from the background. I put the oxygen mask on me for the first time in a very long time. I took 100% responsibility for myself and all the results in my life. I am that powerful, so are you. I stopped beating the shit out of myself for not having the life I wanted, or thought I deserved, and looked at myself. Like, REALLY looked at myself.

I upgraded my operating system, shed the old to make room for the new to create the woman I really am.

For the first time in a long time, I was in partnership with my body and myself because I developed my emotional fitness first. I became my own heroine.

Once you do that, you show up for YOU. You allow yourself to follow your dreams, to own your happiness, to dance into that body and the relationship you want most. Happiness is a powerful, powerful thing, chica.

Happiness, joy and energized self-love are now my normal AND my body responds. I feel and look younger now than in my 20’s.

When you’re ready for these results and the results I get for my clients, contact me. I will kick your ass into adoring you the way you should, so you can reap every reward that comes with it.

Ready to Shift into Big Change?

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