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The woman in your dreams, she’s untamed and owes no apology for it. When she runs, she isn’t running because she has to, she runs because it makes her feel alive. When she travels, it isn’t just for work, it’s to expand her horizons.

Nothing she does is half-assed. Nothing.

She feels every moment of her life. She lives for the adventure and freedom that courses wildly through her veins. And she develops the pillars of her life to excellence: Body, Mind, Relationships, Finances, and Spirit.

She lives a glorious life.

And she? Is you.

SWEAT, DIRT, & SOUL: 1-1 VIP Coaching

Lasting change comes when you live the mind that you want to achieve. Grow your emotional fitness, energize your sense of self, and drown yourself in love and happiness (that’s where all the magic comes from, by the way).

Together, we’ll sculpt your assets, shed the weight (emotional and physical), create crystal visions that vibrate throughout your body and life, slay your limiting beliefs, upgrade your operating system to 2.Awesome, create your new normal that’s full of energy and fun, and confidence and faith in YOU.

This is a no-holds-barred package. You will walk out of this a Woman, Absolute. Woman, Wild & Free.

Welcome back to you. Welcome home.

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Woman, Absolute Mastermind Group

Train your booty and your brain with the power of coaching and accountability in a group setting with women who are committed (think sale day at REI kind of committed) to their growth and results.

Upgrade your mind for a life of peace, flow, and ease, re-train your brain to change your reality, develop powerful life skills, badass workouts, and healthy recipes to rock your life and your body, access to our private FB group to keep you motivated and educated.

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90 Minute Intensive:

Deep dive session to get you CLARITY to best steps to take to rock your body and your life.

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You cannot work to create your vision of wonder, if you don’t know what that looks like for you. These sessions dig deep into the fiber of who you are to help you see what it is that you really really want to create to become that Woman, Absolute you long to become.

  • Carol

    "I hired Erin to train me accomplish a sports specific athletic goal. She implemented the best plan for my goal, and was, aside from my personal motivation and desire, the main reason I achieved a winning performance. She works at a high level of integrity and professionalism, yet also has a inspiring fun and energizing personality that makes you want to push harder and perform better. Erin's coaching/training skills reap amazing result and rewards."
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Wild & Free Retreats

Adventure. Mindset. Freedom. Fun.

Hang with like-minded Wild Women on a mission to create a world for themselves that matches the dream that keeps them awake at night. More details to come on becoming a Wild Woman Absolute.

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Summit Group: (like summit a big ass mountain)

This is a year long commitment to summiting a big ass mountain called, Life. You want it all, this is the most powerful and most effective way to it. Join, by application only, this group of high-level ass-kickers and change EVERYTHING. The cool part? We’ll actually meet up 2-4 times a year…in the FLESH. (Strange and intoxicating, yes??)

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  • Robin

    "Erin is an expert, is very personable and helped me to get the results I wanted. She cares about her clients and how they are progressing, makes coaching/training fun and productive. Without hesitation I would hire her again with great pleasure."
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