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The relationship you have with yourself is the MOST important relationship you have.


This is the place to build your relationship with yourself.


The relationship you have with yourself is the relationship you have with everyone else/everything else (the world): You will never let anyone treat you better than you treat yourself.

  • How you love yourself is the level of love you will allow/receive.
  • How you treat yourself sets the bar on how others treat you.
  • How you perceive yourself is how others will perceive you.

YOU literally set the bar (how high or how low) on YOUR life and marriage by the relationship you have with YOURSELF.

You show people how to honor you by honoring yourself. If you are not honoring yourself, you won’t let others honor you. YOU ARE THE LIMIT.

So, yes, the relationship you have with yourself is THE MOST IMPORTANT relationship you have.

Women’s Revival Group Coaching

Are you someone who deeply cares for others, bends over backward to make you partner, kids, family & friends happy and fulfilled in their lives … so much so that you wonder where you have disappeared to? You ache for more … more fun, more adventure, more impact, more connection, more space, more you.

Dear burnt-out, stressed and exhausted woman/mama, the world needs YOU.

Your unmet needs are keeping you from your power.

You are meant to be the star of your life. Not the manager for everyone else’s.

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SWEAT, DIRT, & SOUL: 1-1 VIP Coaching

Lasting change comes when you live the mind that you want to achieve. Grow your emotional fitness, energize your sense of self, and drown yourself in love and happiness (that’s where all the magic comes from, by the way).

Together, we’ll sculpt your assets, shed the weight (emotional and physical), create crystal visions that vibrate throughout your body and life, slay your limiting beliefs, upgrade your operating system to 2.Awesome, create your new normal that’s full of energy and fun, and confidence and faith in YOU.

This is a no-holds-barred package. You will walk out of this a Woman, Absolute. Woman, Wild & Free.

Welcome back to you. Welcome home.

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About Me

My degree in exercise science led me to a life of physical fitness for myself and my clients. I am a certified strength and conditioning coach, as well as a certified strategic intervention coach, so I speak people. With my huge heart laced with my straight-shooter, tell-it-like-it-is approach, my clients walk away poked and prodded (with love) to success.

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