Are You A Worrier or a Warrior?


Are you are Worrier or a Warrior?
What do you do if you are a worrier?

I hear from a lot of people that they worry, and actually prioritize, what others think and might judge versus what they truly want for themselves and their life.

This is SELF-sacrificing and leads to always being at some level of worry, anxiousness, stress and chaos because you are abandoning yourself.

SELF abandonment causes a lot of pain and heaviness because you are telling/showing yourself (and others) you aren’t worthy of being fully seen or heard and you aren’t good enough.

Although, it can be sneaky because a lot of were taught to be the good girl/boy, to be polite and do what others expect, to not take up too much space, and to be nice/good daughter/good son/good friend and sacrifice yourself for others happiness.
So, as adults we think we are doing the right thing, even though it feels yucky, transactional and leaves us feeling unhappy.

What do you do about it?

SELF- LOVE: Think of looking into a babies eyes, feel their innocence and how open they are. Feel how your heart opens and the deep sense of connection you two share. FEEL THE LOVE and how pure it is. Feels pretty amazing right? Imagine feeling this for yourself, to have pure love for YOU running through your body. Feels pretty amazing right? LOVING YOU is the way to so much happiness, freedom and possibilities.

2. TRUST YOURSELF: Think of someone you admire and really value their opinion. Someone you share your life stories with and trust them. Imagine if you gave yourself this same level of respect and trust? By looking IN, before you look, out for guidance, advice, clarity you are growing your intuition and trust muscles. So many of us get caught up in asking for other people’s opinions that we end up so out of touch with ourselves and our TRUE desires. So, we feel overwhelmed, out of balance and end up not trusting ourselves. YOU ALWAYS KNOW, TUNE INTO YOU FIRST. 

3.  KNOW YOU ARE WORTHY: Think of someone who walks into the room and captures the attention of the room. They have a way about them that is contagious, desirable and people are drawn to. Yes, they may be good looking AND it is much deeper than just looks…they know their worth. They are grounded in who they are and as a result are confident, at ease and happy.

We all have this inside of us and are all deeply worthy, we get to remember this and heal conditioning that we have taken on.

Deep self- love, trusting yourself and knowing your worth create the beautiful foundation for you to go from a worrier to a warrior. A warrior of love. A warrior of happiness. A warrior for other people’s greatness. A warrior for deep connection. A warrior for pleasure. A warrior for YOU.

Are you ready to go from a worrier to a WARRIOR? Choose you and sign up for a free 30 minute discovery call to see if we are a good fit!

Train your booty and your brain,
Erin Holt

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