Baby Proof


So far I can only find the time (or desire) to write once a week. A lot happens in a week while living on the road!

We surprised Doug’s Dad for an early birthday gift in Couer d/Alene, ID with both of his brothers and their families. It was fun family time, boating and tubing, sharing meals, laughs and wine!

Next, our family took off for the Sawtooth Mountains. This was one of our times without any real destination (which we do a lot while camping- although I usually have an idea of some cool places we could camp or boondock). We have gotten good at finding fun stops to let Bodhi, and us, get our wiggles out. The town of Stanley, ID was one of them. We found the cutest and most delicious cafe, and ate our lunch at a park over looking the Sawtooth range while Bodhi ran all over. Win for the whole family! We kept cruising as all the campgrounds on the lakes in the area where full and we also have the “What’s around the corner” syndrome that keeps us searching for the perfect camping spot! We found the perfect spot to boondock along a creek. We have a new appreciation for how fun it is to throw rocks into the water :). 


Now we are enjoying staying at an airbnb in Sun Valley. I will say that it is CHALLENGING having a wild & curious toddler and staying at non baby-proofed house. We end up rearranging everyone’s homes, putting glass bowls in closets, trash cans on top of the fridge, blocking rooms with benches…basically anything we can to make sure he is safe and we can have 3 seconds to breathe. I would definitely pay an extra charge if it was an option to have a rental baby-proofed! Airbnb and VRBO can you create this please and thank you?

It is always nice to stay in one place for a few nights to just be. It is good for all of us as it re-centers us into being where our feet are. The 3 of us went for a morning hike today and Bodhi hiked up some of the steepest parts all by himself! He was so joyful and proud of himself. My mama heart was exploding watching him :). 

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