Do You Feel Like Everyone Else Is Moving Forward & You Are Missing Out?





When it is time, it freaking is time baby!



Time to say NO

Time to say YES




Time to ACT





We all have had times in our life when we said, “ENOUGH,” and made a commitment to OURSELVES.

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Do You Have One Foot In and One Foot Out?

Me. On the fence literally and figuratively.


Are you straddling the fence?

Do you have one foot in and one foot out?

There was a time in my life I was pointing a lot of fingers and finding excuses or someone to blame. I was stuck. It was like I had one foot in one world and the other foot in another world.
Two different worlds with me stuck in the middle. How far can you go if you are standing in two different worlds? Maybe you can do a split (only if your flexible!)

If you feel like you are straddling two different worlds right now, I get it.

You get to give yourself permission to pick up the leg that is holding you back and own your impact.

Making the choice to change is a transformational process.

Choosing to own your impact is life-changing. 

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How To Make Your Life Easier…



Life is meant to be easy. WE are masters of making it hard.

Think about an area of your life that seems really hard? The same struggles keep happening over and over again. 

I can relate.

I used to make creating and running a business really hard.
I stumbled for years, dabbling in actually sharing my gifts with the world, and was paralyzed by self-doubt. I kept creating struggle, setbacks and very little money because some part of me believed business had to be really hard. 

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Are You A Worrier or a Warrior?


Are you are Worrier or a Warrior?
What do you do if you are a worrier?

I hear from a lot of people that they worry, and actually prioritize, what others think and might judge versus what they truly want for themselves and their life.

This is SELF-sacrificing and leads to always being at some level of worry, anxiousness, stress and chaos because you are abandoning yourself.

SELF abandonment causes a lot of pain and heaviness because you are telling/showing yourself (and others) you aren’t worthy of being fully seen or heard and you aren’t good enough.

Although, it can be sneaky because a lot of were taught to be the good girl/boy, to be polite and do what others expect, to not take up too much space, and to be nice/good daughter/good son/good friend and sacrifice yourself for others happiness.
So, as adults we think we are doing the right thing, even though it feels yucky, transactional and leaves us feeling unhappy.

What do you do about it?

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Do You Struggle With Emotional Eating? (Plus a photo of me in one of my chubby phases.)


This is me in one of my (many) chubby phases.

Do you struggle with emotional eating? You’ll want to read this.

Do you struggle with using food to “make you feel better,” to ease your anxiety or to reward yourself? Have caught yourself unconsciously shoving food into your mouth?

Do you feel like food seems to have this mysterious power over you?

Do you often turn to food for comfort, when your bored, when your lonely, when your stressed?

Do you feel like it is challenging to control yourself when you are at an event and there are so many food choices?

Do you have a raging inner critic who picks apart your looks & body when you see yourself in the mirror?

You are not alone. I understand because this used to be me.

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It’s Not Food That Is Making You Fat…

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It’s not food that is making you fat.

It is your beliefs that are making you fat. What you think you become.

I have been an athlete my entire life and became a fitness professional and coach. I have all the knowledge of fitness, health, and nutrition and I still struggled for years. My weight fluctuated (a lot), I was bloated & chunky, felt like I wasn’t in control of my body, and was embarrassed of how I looked because I thought I should have a six-pack… then I would be worthy/sexy/more successful.

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Wake UP


Rise and shine.

When you choose to let go of what is safe, what is comfortable, smart, common sense, easy street, the status quo…

You choose to WAKE UP. It looks different for all of us.

You choose to change your mindset, because you are done with changing everything externally and having nothing change internally.

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If I am fully transparent will I loose friends or people’s respect? What will people think of me?

This is a fear I, and a lot of my clients, have had. Growing up we were taught to be honest, and at the same time a lot of our parents/guardians did not know how to be with our honesty, so we got mixed messages and most of us shut down. We learned to live in fear of people “really” knowing what is going on with us, because if they knew we might loose their love and respect.

What has this cost us? What results has it created?

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You Are Awesome!



Some times we all need a reminder of how awesome we are.
Here is your reminder you are awesome!

Investing in yourself and your life is one of the biggest acts of self love. By you choosing to be committed to your higher self, you are declaring your worth.

And trust me, you are so worthy.

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YOU Are Needed

Are you desiring a life full of abundance, purpose, sexiness, ease and fun? Then it is time to stop living life from a watered down version of yourself, who constantly seeks approval. There is nothing sexy about a woman who represses herself. It is a bizarre notion we tell ourselves that making ourselves small, will make others feel better about themselves. Which is just a cover up so we don’t really have to tell ourselves the truth. I have walked this walk, and trust me sunshine, it ain’t no fun and it definitely isn’t true.

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